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86% of the consumption of the internet is VIDEO

YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day

Animated Video Creation

Animation Video Options

  • One-on-one sessions where we design the script and the video together as a team. Cost R500/hr (most affordable option).
  • 1 min Explainer Video with voice over R 9000
  • 1 min video made with provided video clips and images with a voiceover or tune R 3000
  • 1 min Animation video without voice over (text & tune) R 4000
  • 15-30sec Branded video clip R 500
  • 30sec – 1min Template video built on our video design platform with client (side-by-side) @ R500/hr

The word “Video” has evolved

You’ve noticed more and more eye-catching videos while browsing your social media platforms and the world wide web. We don’t need to convince you that people would prefer to watch a one minute video to reading a page of text.

Why do you need an Animated Video Creation Company?

Let’s explore how videos can create various avenues for a competitive advantage. For instance, using product or service videos has proven to increase the conversion rate of online sales by more than 50%. The use of explainer videos in company induction programs has created a much more absorbable media for getting new employees up to speed with the company policies, procedures, operations and culture. Animation videos can be used for creating hype around a new product or service, a wedding, a company merger, a new director… even a new addition to the family. The only limitation is your imagination.

Have you ever thought about all the new and exciting ways that videos are being used in this new world of drones and Sigfox technology? Or the amazing ways that our business collaboration apps use video and photo attachments that are geo-pinned as well as time and date stamped… The instant accountability and traceability that this creates can be hugely advantageous to many industries. Have you considered the implications of the statistics in this page’s header?

AppCity creates a variety of affordable animated explainer videos and short promotional videos for various clients’ needs. Our videos are broken into packages below. We are also affiliated with professional filming teams, photographers and custom design animation specialists which can be quoted for upon request.

Don’t you think it’s time to be apart of this digital age of movie media? Why not test this for one of your products or services or in-house procedures and let us measure the results together? Once we overcome the first hurdle of getting to the point of analysing the results… well then we can start talking business in a new and informed manner.

Social Media Short Videos – Increase Engagement and Sales

+-1minute explainer animation videos that are designed for social media platforms like, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. These are even more effective with product or service video clips or images provided by the client.

Animation Video Creation for AppCity’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to introduce Brigitte.

These video clips can be shared across all social media platforms or embedded in an email.

Product and Service Promotional Video

Animation Video Creation for Superior Vision’s email signature link, YouTube and website
Script composition and approval, professional voice-over recording and approval, video compile and design – R 9000/minute

Every quote, every invoice, every single one of the hundreds of emails sent by Superior Vision every day have a link to their video. Some of their clients had no idea that Superior Vision had such a variety of professional audio and visual services. Isn’t it time you spread your business message with an animation video?

App Tours and Tutorial Videos

R 4000/min without voiceover or R 9000/min with voiceover
Animation Video Creation for I-Tech Solutions Marketing App

This video is used to create awareness and excitement about the marketing platform app.

AppCity’s Videos

Wedding invitation / thank-you video

Have you realised that you need an animation video?

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